How long does it take to service a boiler?

Boilers are an integral part of our home, and it is important that they are serviced at regular intervals to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

When servicing a boiler, a qualified engineer will need to check many different parts of the boiler to make sure they are in good order, and perform some testing. If you are asking yourself how long does a boiler service take, then you should keep reading. 

We are going to give you a quick guide on what happens during a hot water boiler service, and help you estimate how long it will take to do when your boiler is next due to be checked.

What needs to be checked during a boiler service?

Your home’s boiler should always be inspected by a qualified heating engineer. Boiler installation should also only be completed by a professional engineer. The majority of houses in the United Kingdom burn natural gas to produce hot water. Gas powered boilers must only be serviced by a gas qualified engineer that is regulated and authorised to work by the Gas Safe register. When servicing your boiler the engineer will take a number of steps to check it is in good working order. 

First comes a visual inspection. Here the engineer will inspect the boiler from the outside and check any pipework and connections that feed into your system. They will look for any corrosion or leakage, and they will look at the flame, or pilot light, of your boiler. 

They will then remove the outer case of your boiler and begin an internal inspection. The most important parts of a boiler include the burner, spark probe, the main injector and the heat exchanger. All of these will be checked carefully to look for any damage, corrosion, or poor connections. 

Gas boilers need an exhaust, called the flue, to vent burnt and noxious gasses into the open air. The flue needs to be checked for any obstructions and checked that it is fitted safely. If no problems or issues have been detected the engineer will proceed to check the gas supply pressure, before igniting your boiler to begin inspecting how it operates.  

Why should I service my boiler?

There are many important reasons to have your boiler serviced regularly. The most important is safety. Poorly maintained gas boilers can cause a lot of harm if left unchecked. Servicing your boiler helps protect you and your family.

You may also have a legal requirement to service your boiler, if you are a landlord for example. If you are thinking of selling your home, its central heating system may need to be serviced before you put it on the market. 

Whatever your situation, we recommend an annual boiler service. You should have this done before the winter, so you can head into the colder months with confidence in your central heating system.

One of the biggest benefits of regular servicing is that you are preventing excess costs by having your home’s hot water boiler maintained by a professional. This helps to spot problems early, and spread the cost of components over time, and can even save you money by stopping one problem causing another creating spiralling costs. 

So, how long does it take to service a boiler

The biggest factors are the size and condition of your hot water boiler. Larger systems take longer to inspect as there are often more components and elements to inspect. Boilers in a poor condition will have many issues to note down which will slow the progress of the servicing.

Most homes will have an inspection that lasts between thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the system. This is if the boiler is in working order and doesn’t present any problems that will need to be addressed. If your boiler’s service starts taking a long time, you can usually expect a bill for replacement parts and the labour it takes to make the repair.

You can reduce the costs of repairs and servicing by using a boiler cover plan. You can use these to save money by eliminating the labour costs for repairs. Gas Safe qualified heating engineers will complete boiler repairs for free with the right boiler cover in place!

Hopefully everything goes well during your boiler service, and your heating engineer will be finished and on the way to their next inspection in less than an hour. Most boiler services are uneventful, and will leave you with peace of mind as you know your home’s hot water boiler is in good condition.

Get your boiler serviced with toasti

Here at toasti, we offer a range of boiler service plans. These annual boiler service plans are a simple and straightforward way to maintain your boiler and central heating system, to keep it working smoothly, whatever the weather. Speak to one of our helpful heating advisers today to find out more about our boiler maintenance packages.