Should I turn my boiler off when I go on holiday?

‘Should I turn my boiler off when I go on holiday?’ is a common question, and one that you’re right to ask. After all, we leave our television sets on standby but not broadcasting into a void, we know we should turn off our PCs and laptops but how many of us do? And we leave our fridges and freezers on to keep our food chilled. So, if you want to know whether you should turn your boiler off when you go on holiday, find out the answer below from the experts.

It depends on the season

During the summer, absolutely; you should turn off your boiler when going on holiday. It will save you money and there’s no downside to doing so. If you have a smart thermostat you can even set the heating to come back on just before you arrive home. If you’re travelling to find some winter sun during the colder months, however, you should leave the boiler on but turn down the temperature on your thermostat – many modern boilers have a frost setting, and this is designed specifically for this kind of scenario. 

Keeping your boiler ticking over will help to avoid issues such as freezing pipes, which could potentially result in the need for expensive plumbing work. If you don’t like the idea of the boiler being on all the time, if you have a smart thermostat you can just set it to come on for an hour or so during the coldest part of the day (usually in the early hours of the morning).

What is the difference between turning it down and having it on intermittently?

If your holiday is in winter time and you’re wondering whether you should turn your boiler off when going on holiday – and if not, what the best alternative is – our recommendation is to leave the boiler on but at a low temperature as a preference to having it come on for just an hour a day at a higher temperature. 

By leaving your heating on, the boiler will have to work – and therefore use energy – to keep the temperature at a set level, whereas having it come on and off at set times will only use power to heat your home during those periods. This, therefore, may sound like a way to save more energy and money. 

However, the boiler will need to work harder to heat the house from cold to the required temperature when it comes on. Although setting your thermostat to a lower temperature on a more consistent basis may cost a little more in energy, it will reduce the amount of load on the boiler, therefore still reducing the overall energy usage compared to your usual output and costs, and will prevent issues like condensation in your property which could cause aesthetic or structural damage.

Should I turn my boiler off when I go on holiday?

So, if you have a holiday booked and have been asking the question ‘Should I turn my boiler off when I go on holiday?’, think about the temperature at home whilst you are away. If it is likely to be warm – so that your pipes won’t freeze and your house won’t get cold and damp – then turn your boiler off. If you are planning to be away during colder weather, turn your thermostat down but leave your boiler on. 

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