Need an annual boiler service? We can help

Having your boiler serviced annually can help to increase its efficiency and reliability, as well as reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why, here at toasti, we offer a range of boiler annual services, to keep your boiler ticking over and your home safe. Read on to find out more about our boiler annual service plan. 

Why do you need to have a boiler annual service plan?

You might choose to have your boiler serviced for a variety of reasons. Most people will see an improvement in their boiler’s energy efficiency when they choose to have it serviced annually. This is because the things that might prevent your boiler from operating as effectively and efficiently as it should will be resolved during your boiler’s annual service. This includes spotting parts that are showing signs of fatigue or need replacing. 

Another huge benefit of a boiler annual service is that it helps to keep your boiler safe. Regularly checking your boiler ensures that it heats your home and water safely, with all parts operating as best as they can. This reduces the risk of your boiler potentially leaking harmful carbon monoxide which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

A boiler annual service can keep your warranty valid

With some boiler manufacturers, it is important to maintain a boiler annual service plan for the lifetime of your warranty. If you choose to not maintain your boiler on a yearly basis, you could be accidentally forfeiting your boiler’s warranty. This does depend on the manufacturer of your boiler, and it is best to check the specifications of your warranty to make sure you’re covered.

Extend the lifespan of rental property boilers

If you are a landlord, you might want to invest in a boiler annual service plan. It is important to keep your boiler checked and maintained to keep your tenants safe. Some landlord insurance policies require you to have an annual service plan. Start by checking yours to see if you need an annual service contract. If you do, why not give us a call for a competitive quote?

What does a boiler annual service plan include?

We all know that boiler repairs can be costly. This is why we believe that a boiler annual service plan is a great, cost-effective alternative. 

Our Gas Safe registered engineers will complete a comprehensive boiler inspection and service at a time that suits you. Our boiler annual service inspection includes one of our trusted engineers conducting a clean, check and adjustment of any boiler parts. We also check the operation of the pump, programmer and thermostat too. 

Plus, when you take out a boiler service plan with toasti, this also includes a free call-out service for boiler breakdowns. You just pay for the replacement parts! 

How does a boiler annual service work?

Here at toasti, we like to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. So, all you need to do is get in touch with our helpful customer service team who will organise your first boiler annual service, for as little as £84. 

At a time agreed with you, one of our team will visit your home to conduct a comprehensive boiler service. If we spot any parts that need replacing or any potential problems, we will let you know straight away. We can also complete these repairs for you – you just need to pay for parts. 

How to sign up for a boiler annual service plan

If you are interested in learning more about our boiler annual service plan, why not give us a call? Our helpful team is available Monday to Friday, 9 am until 5 pm and is on hand to answer any questions you might have. 

Simply call us today on 0161 537 4068 to find out more about our boiler annual service plan.