What is Air Source Heating and How Does it Work?

When it comes to heating your home, did you know that there’s an alternative to gas and oil boilers that converts the heat of the air outside into warmth inside? Known as ‘air source heating’, this innovative technology uses less energy than it produces, making it an energy-efficient substitute for traditional heating methods. One that could lower your monthly bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Read on for our toasti guide to air source heating.

What is air source heating?

Air source heating is an energy-efficient way to heat your home and hot water using an air source heat pump. These efficient pumps, which are normally installed outdoors on the side or back of your home, absorb heat from the air and amplify its warmth to heat your home. 

Although air source heat pumps run off electricity, they actually produce more heat than the energy they use, which means you’ll lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions at the same time.

How does air source heating work?

Air source heating works in an ingenious way. The air source heat pump absorbs heat from the ambient air temperature to heat a liquid refrigerant, even at temperatures as low as -15 °C in some cases. 

The pump then compresses the liquid to raise its temperature and then transfers the generated heat to radiators and underfloor heating, as well as to a hot water cylinder storage tank for baths, showers and taps.

What are the main types of air source heat pumps?

There are two main types of air source heat pumps: air-to-water pumps and air-to-heat pumps.

Air-to-water pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and transfer that heat to water via your central heating system. This is the most common type of air source heat pump in the UK.

Air-to-heat pumps

Air-to-air heat pumps need a warm air circulation system to move the heated air around your home. A major drawback of this type of system is that it doesn’t produce hot water.

What can I expect from an air source heat pump installation?

toasti’s friendly and knowledgeable advisers can help you to select the right air source heat pump for you and your home. Once we’ve established what you need, your air source heat pump installation is straightforward.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your friendly and experienced DBS checked installer will arrive at the specified time.
  • They’ll explain what they’re going to do and how they’ll do it for your peace of mind.
  • They will then set about diligently and safely installing your air source heat pump.
  • Once it’s ready, they’ll give you a step-by-step explanation of how everything works.
  • Finally, your installer will tidy any mess and remove any excess parts and packaging.

So what are you waiting for? Save money and the planet with an air source heat pump installation from toasti. We’ll take care of everything, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your Toasti new home in comfort. 

For more information about our services, or to arrange an air source heat pump installation, please contact us on 0151 537 4068 or email info@toastihome.co.uk.